Operation "Seikan Tunnel"


U.S.S. Gary FFG51
(Oliver Hazard Perry)

54-38 N /031-08 W

0700 hours

Clear, quite seas

Cloud ceiling:

Prevent a midget-sub suicide attack on the Seikan Tunnel.

Japanese Defense Force intelligence agents have uncovered a terrorist plot as it unfolds. The Aum Shinrikyo cult has purchased a midget submarine from North Korea and loaded it out with high explosives. The plot lays out an underwater suicide attack at approximately 8:00 a.m. today – peak tunnel travel time. It has been discovered that conspirators in an outbound fishing trawler will deploy a beacon, as they pass over the tunnel. The midget submarine will likely use the beacon to ensure it is over the tunnel before self-destructing.

The Aum Shinrikyo cult became infamous in 1995 when some of its members released Sarin gas into the Tokyo subway system. The Seikan tunnel, built under the Tsugaru Straits, connects the main Japanese island of Honshu with Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. The Seikan Tunnel is the world’s longest underwater tunnel at nearly 54 kilometers (undersea section: 23 km)

Fortunately, your frigate is in the area. Find and destroy the terrorist midget submarine before it completes its suicide mission.