SubSim  -  The Internet's #1 Naval Simulation Resource

SubGuru  -  Great Mission and Campaign Site for SC and DW

TLAM Strikes SC Missions  -  Another Mission and Campaign Site

United States Virtual Navy  -  Naval and Combat Sim Website

Seawolves  -  Online Naval Sea, Air, Submarine and Armed Forces Combat Sims Website

Virtual Military Command  -  Gaming Site That Uses Sims to Emulate Modern Military Operations Around The World

Global Naval Strike Force  -  Virtual Naval Community That Simulates Modern Surface, Subsurface and Armed Forces Operations

Commander's Academy & Dive Center  -  A Portal to a Dangerous Waters Wiki, a Forum and More

Carrier Strike Group 2  -  An Online virtual naval service utilizing Dangerous Waters and other Naval sims

The Virtual Navy  -  A community of DW players consisting of active duty and retired US/foreign Navy personnel as well as civilian members from around the world

Dangerous Waters "Worldwide"

Mille Sabords  -  French Language Naval Sim Site

El Snorkel  -  Latin American Submarine Community

Simulacion Naval  -  Spanish Naval Simulation Community

Greek Operation Forces  -  Greek Language Sim Site

Submarines of the World  -  Polish Naval Sim Site

DSK - Dangerous Waters Online Gaming Clan (German)  -  German DW Community

Dangerous Waters deutsches Tutorial (German)  -  German Tutorial Site  -  Polish DW Multiplayer Community

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