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Strategy Informer 9.3 Editor's Choice ReviewCombat Ace 9.2 Review 91% ReviewJIPPII 91% Review
PC GameWorld 90% 90% Editor's Choice Review
Net Wargaming Italia 9.0 Review
Gamezone 8.8 ReviewGame Boyz 8.75 Review
Just Press Play 8.5 Review
CyberGaming Network 4.25 8.4 Review
Gamespot Review (8.3/10 - 'Great')Gamespy Review (4/5 - 'Great')
Boomtown Review (8/10)GameShark Review (80/100)
GamerDad Review (4/5)
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PC Gamer (U.S.) awards DW a score of 85%
(April 2005 issue, page 68)
by Andy Mahood (Sim Columnist)

The multi-platform theme adds considerable depth to an already full-to-overflowing simulation experience. The action here isn't so much about torpedos and explosions as it is about streaming towed arrays, narrowband sonar detection, and Target Motion Analysis plots. You can't kill an enemy you can't see, and learning to master all of this remarkably complex and authentic naval technology is the heart and soul of Dangerous Waters.... You won't find Dangerous Waters at your local software store - it's available only on-line through But for simmers with real saltwater in their veins, it's a must have.

Bottom Line: A near-ultimate "meat-and potatoes" meal for naval simmers.
Score: 84% ("Excellent")

Computer Gaming World (June 2005 issue)
Dangerous Waters awarded a score of "4 out of 5 "
pages 94-95 by Jeff Lackey

Dangerous Waters simulates modern naval warfare in all of its complexity, with a plethora of options in terms of weapons platforms you can command. It's a sandbox of sorts, with a superb mission and campaign editor, a solid quick-mission generator and enjoyable multi-player... Dangerous Waters is the game for those wishing to explore modern naval combat.

Verdict: Dangerous Waters is a suberb modern-naval combat simulator.
Score: 4 / 5

PC Gamer UK gives DW a 82% score
(April 2005 issue, page 84)
by Tim Stone

Configurable quick missions ably demonstrate the compelling high-seas hide-and-seek that is at the core of the play experience, but you'll need to explore the ample single sortie selection, tense semi-dynamic campaign, and straightforward scenario editor to sample some of the more exotic activities DW has to offer. Trashing island targets with Tomahawk cruise missiles, sweating your way through minefeilds, navigating bergy latitudes, delivering SEAL-teams, bringing down prowling planes with deck MG's and SAM's all here and thanks to an innovative multi-player mode - can be enjoyed co-operatively with up to ten human ratings sharing a single vessel.

Dangerous Waters in the latest Pelit-magazine - 90/100 points!
(March 2005 issue, pages 46-47)
by Niko Nirvi

S.C.S. Dangerous Waters hits the mark. The new non-sub platforms add a tremendous amount of interest and work wonders for the multiplayer mode... those that have played games such as Sub Command or 688 Hunter/Killer, this is the best game made on the subject, ever.

Gamestar Review (June 2005 issue)
by Mick Schnelle

"Summing up: Intense enemy hunt for hightech-fans"
"A session of Dangerous Waters always is a thrilling hide and seek..."
"Exciting battles under the sea"
"Price/value: Very good"

5 for graphics,
8 for sound,
8 for game balance,
6 for atmosphere,
7 for menus,
9 for scope,
7 for mission design,
9 for AI,
10 for realism,
6 for the campaign.

Final score = 75%

MikroBitti magazine (April 2005 issue)
Dangerous Waters review scores 92%
by Jukka Kauppinen

In all its complexity, Dangerous Waters is a game that doesn't suit a random gamer. It demands a lot - but also gives a lot. Playing is logical and easy when you have learned the complex systems, as the interface has been designed well... The game mixes a Harpoon style naval strategy game into a submarine, flight and helicopter simulation... Dangerous Waters recreates the modern warfare on the world's seas in a most interesting and believable way.



Gamespot gives Dangerous Waters
"Great" score of 8.3 out of 10

The subs modeled in the previous game were all nuclear-powered, and operating a diesel/electric hybrid like the Kilo offers an entirely new set of strengths and weaknesses to learn. While it can't operate underwater for years at a time like the nuclear subs, running on battery power makes it the quietest sub in the entire game, and it is possible to detect other units in a Kilo from much longer ranges than they can "see" you. The symbiotic relationship between the destroyer and helicopter is fun to explore, and the Orion is interesting enough that an entire sim could be dedicated to it alone. Fortunately we don't have to deal with that compromise, as Dangerous Waters is an embarrassment of riches for naval sim fans who may feel a little guilty about having to pay so little for so much.

Gamespot Review
by Tracy Baker (05/13/2005) Review
Dangerous Waters scores "GREAT!" from (4 out of 5 score)

Technology has made modern combat a matter of competing systems; for example, it's your submarines noiselessness vs. another submarines towed array. Dangerous Waters takes this paradigm and pushes it to the extremes of realism and technicality. Only certain people will appreciate it, but they'll love the hell out of it. Review
by Tom Chick

IanStorm Review
IanStorm review delivers a 4.7 out of 5 score

The realism is excellent. Particular detail was paid to getting the systems right and how they work. Many games will refer to sonobuoys (the underwater microphones used to hunt subs) as simple passive and active. Dangerous Waters goes to the next level by calling them by their real names, DICASS, DIFAR, and VLAD buoys. You must select the right buoy for the right job. Even then you have to consider how deep the buoys will go. They even have BT buoys here, special buoys that are used to measure the sound speed profile of the water to help you decide what depth is the best...

What I really liked with this game was how they focused on the strategies and tactics of the mission while having the computer handle the rest of the details. The graphics were also very good, something I didn’t expect from a game focusing so much on tactics. There is even an option for voice commands. Finally, the multiplayer option is very well thought out, allowing different players to control different ships or crew a single ship and have each player man a different station...

So much emphasis went into this game it is amazing. This was not a game put together by a company trying to tag along with the next big thing but with tender loving care.

Ianstorm Review
by David "NavPuppy" Dunwoody

Game Boyz dishes out an overall score of 8.75

Gameplay itself is scalable as to the amount of responsibilities which the player must take on, and it is extremely fun; a blend of tense approach and exhilarating chase. From hunting submarines in a helicopter whilst utilising sonar buoys or making a tense approach into an all too shallow harbour to stick your periscope up and take a peek at what's there, Dangerous Waters manages to simulate all the thrills and spills of modern naval warfare seamlessly.

Game Boyz review
by Aarron McKenna

Just Press Play reviews gives DW a 8.5

Dangerous Waters has pushed the limits of military type simulation games. Opening the box and seeing the size of the manual should give you a hint for what you’re in for.

Take the time to read through the manual and check out the tutorials. Those impatient gamers that like to jump in headfirst might find this game overwhelming. However, the detail put into the controls and the realism is what makes this game a very interactive simulation. This is a MUST own for anyone into military type simulation games. Sonalysts Combat Simulations did a fine job putting this together and you’ll find hours of game play on your hands.

Just Press Play review
by Jason

GameZone gives S.C.S. Dangerous Waters a 8.8

S.C.S. Dangerous Waters is an immersive and thoughtful game that is rife with challenge and options. Though there may be a learning curve, the game does provide players with the opportunity to take full command of various ‘platforms’ in a wide range of mission types. It looks good, and plays well. Those who remember the Jane’s lineup of sims fondly will thoroughly enjoy this title. Those who are looking for an accurate military simulation would do well to check out Dangerous Waters.

GameZone review
by Michael Lafferty

Italian website gives DW 9 out of 10

Dangerous Waters is an experience without compromise but thanks to the helpful documentation even the novice will enjoy it. It is undoubtedly the best game with high quality and a good price.

Net Wargaming Italia review (Italian language)
by Darksky

Subsim ReviewDirect Hit Award
Subsim awards Dangerous Waters a 'Direct Hit' and 97% Score

Dangerous Waters is by far the most advanced tactical modern naval sim on the market and Sonalysts have delivered a product modeling air, surface, and subsurface units with meticulous detail. With the re-playable campaign, player created missions, and a new “quick mission” generator, Dangerous Waters has enough features to keep us busy for years to come.

Subsim full game review
by Frank “OptimusX” Reynolds


Dangerous Waters is my first foray into modern naval warfare and it has been a pleasant one. Sonalysts have captured the feel of commanding a vessel whilst still allowing access to the various stations. The game play is great, exciting and tense. The implementation of the battle field through the Navigation station is superb, something WWII simmers have been after for years.

SimHQ - Review
by 'Teddy Bar' and Tom Cofeild

Sonalysts Combat Simulations really delivers on this score, authentically recreating the processes of combat, from identification to engagement, in a variety of exciting missions. Though it's very detail-oriented, Dangerous Waters eases the burden of command with a convenient interface and a comprehensive manual. It's still not everybody's cup of tea but fans of the genre will surely love it. - Review
by Steve Butts

3D Avenue

It is really hard to sum this game up and provide all the relevant information about Dangerous Waters in the space available but its suffice to say that this game is the best military sim that I have had the privilege to play. The diversity in gameplay, multiplayer potential and mod possibilities all add up to make a game that many of us will be playing for a long time to come. Sinking your teeth into the game will take some time, but with the help of the manual and tutorial videos it is not that daunting at all.

Editors Choice Award

3DAvenue - Review
by Simon Hutchinson

The Wargamer

Dangerous Waters is a deep, rich game that is grand in scope and offers a rewarding gaming experience. Its modeling of sensor technologies and weapon systems employed by the game’s playable air, surface and submarine platforms, combined with the game’s intuitive navigation interface and quality visual and sound effects will ensure that Dangerous Waters appeals both to novice and advanced gamers with an interest in modern naval warfare.

The Wargamer Review
by Andrew Glenn

Peliplanteetta awards Dangerous Waters a 91 out of 100

Dangerous Waters is a must for die-hard war strategy game fans, and everybody else should pretty much stay away from it. In this ultra-realistic game, you can command the surface, sub-surface and air platforms, all in one game. Learning to use all the controls of the vessels requires a lot of time and concentration. The game manual is thick as a brick (way over 500 pages) and there is about one hour of tutorial videos included on the CD. Although the graphics are not top notch and the engine is sometimes a bit slow, the gameplay itself feels very realistic and playable. One of the best innovations in the game is that you can command your vessels with your own voice. This game has so much to offer, and just learning to master the main features takes more time than it takes to play through an average PC game. To make sure this game practically never gets old, the developers have also added an easy-to-use mission editor. Stunning piece of work, this one! Aye! Review (English summary at end)
by Jarkko Rotstén

Combat Ace
Combat Ace scores Dangerous Waters a 9.2 out of 10

Battlefront has released Sonalysts latest game in Naval Simulation, it is Dangerous Waters, and the title certainly reflects the intense game play modeled. If your interest lies in tactics, correctly employing the sensors of your platform, exploiting the environment, and enjoying the thrill of the hunt/prosecution of the enemy units to the fullest extent of the rules of engagement, this is a must have game!

Combat Ace Review
by Jim "Beer" Thelen

Straegy Informer
Strategy Informer 9.3 rating out of 10
("Editors Choice award")

Dangerous Waters is a simulation strategy game by the folks over at Sonalysts Combat Simulations. Thus far, all their naval sims have been deep, complex and most importantly satisfying. Their newest game; Dangerous Waters, manages to take the best elements of their previous games, and ties them all together.

Strategy Informer Review
by Anton Shcherbakov

CGNO Review
Cyber Gaming Network (4.25 / 5)

... To sum it up, Dangerous Waters is one of the best simulators I’ve ever played. However, it’s also one of the most difficult I’ve ever played. Surpassing the initial learning curve is one of the most frustrating aspects of the game, but that primary obstacle is the only thing that limits you from limitless fun on the open seas. With unutterably deep strategy involved, a vast array of features, and some amazing surface, air, and sub ships available at your disposal, one of the most authentic naval experiences is here for the taking. Though mainstream gamers will probably find it too detail-oriented, simulator buffs will bask in its glory.

CGNO - Review
by Mark Williams

PC Gameworld Review
PC GameWorld Review - 90%

Dangerous Waters from Sonalysts Combat Simulations is from the same team that brought us Sub Command, the excellent modern naval submarine simulation. This time however, they take two steps forward and bring us above the waves and into the air... In spite of some minor problems DW is the best modern naval simulation out there.

PC Gameworld - Review
by Gus Lane

Jippii Review (91/99)

"... A humongous, ultra-realistic and versatile monster of a game which will keep you busy for ages."

JIPPII - Review
by Jarkko Rotstén
Dangerous Waters earns an "Editors Choice" from (90% score)

Dangerous Waters is a genuine hit in a world that will never appreciate it... If you crave strategy and realism, Dangerous Waters is a simulation that'll have you playing for years to come. It's a whole lot of fun and will appeal to everyone who's ever wondered what it'd be like to take command of your own ship, submarine, or aircraft and engage in combat with the enemy. Review
by David Wanaselja

Loaded Inc. Review - 95%
Loaded Inc. Review - 95%
("Hot Property Award")

I just finished playing one of the most impressive naval simulations I have ever set eyes on...

Dangerous Waters was very well conceived and produced. I am not sure if any but the most die-hard naval sim fans will be able to truly appreciate what they have at their fingertips when playing. It is always difficult in a review to give a score as high as I did knowing that the general gaming population will probably be overwhelmed by the scope of a game like this. However, to the true fan of simulations, this game is pure gold.

Loaded Inc - Review
by Steve Macek

Boomtown Review - 8/10
Boomtown Review - 8/10

If you have Sonalysts' previous sub-sim you may wonder if it's worth plumbing for this one. I have to say an unreserved yes. It's worth the admission price for the Kilo class subs, which are perhaps the most fun aspect of the game.

However with a full range of attack subs, surface vessels and the introduction of aircraft it's amazing that a simulation can remain so detailed and focused. Playing the cat and mouse naval game has never been so much fun. While perhaps not as exciting as the hands-on knife-range sub combat of WW2 sims, it's never-the-less a great modern naval sim.

Boomtown - Review
by Harry Neary

Digital Entertainment News Review - 9.0/10

Put simply, there is so much that is good about this game that it would be easier to say what was wrong with it, if there was anything wrong...

An astounding and minutely detailed simulation of naval warfare, this is as good as it gets.

Digital Entertainment News - Review
by Darren Hollet

GameShark Review - 80/100

Dangerous Waters is a very good simulator for naval combat that includes realistic ships, aircraft, mission types and mission areas. This is a great naval experience whether you have legs born of years at sea or if you are just looking to get your feet wet (that pun was intended).

GameShark - Review
by Will Lally

Game Vortex Review - 86%

Suffice it to say, Dangerous Waters is a massive collection of naval warfare, one that stands alone for it's use of modern technology, wealth of platforms and attention to detail... for those sea dogs out there, this game is a perfect fit.

Game Vortex - Review
by Tyler Whitney

GamerDad Review - 4/5

Where it counts, in the categories of technical details, variety, and overall quality, this is a fine title... anyone with an interest in a serious modern submarine warfare sim will be pleased with Dangerous Waters.

GamerDad - Review
by Bernie Dye